I miss Rachel!

While Rachel is living it up in Panama City, we’re stuck here wondering what she’s doing. I’ve texted her, left her messages on FB, and waited for her to call. Nothing. This morning I left her a voice mail and said she HAD to call and update us today! She took *my* phone charger with her to the beach, and my phone is dead.

She called me right back and sounded very tired. It’s hard to believe how much she’s missed. Every time the phone has rung, Sam calls out, “Maybe it’s Rachel!”

Speaking of Sam, he finally lost his left front tooth today. It’s been hanging by a thread for a few weeks now, and he worked up the courage to get it out. He looks hysterical with that huge gap in front. He also is speaking differently and can’t enunciate his words like usual. Funny!

Nathan is making ribs for dinner. He was going to grill them but the rain forced him inside. They smell amazing. I try and try to avoid loving meat, but the smell of those ribs would entice the best PETA folks out there.

Work is over. Yay! 10 hours down. I just emailed my boss to see if she’d like me to work any extra hours this week since so many are out on vacation (lucky dogs). I really don’t want to, but we need the extra $$.

Wednesday Becca and I are planning a movie/pizza night at her house. I’m looking forward to it. I’m also going to plan a date night with Nate for Thursday if possible.

I’m working on finishing up some craft projects this week. I’m going to go in now and finish Nate’s wine cork bulletin board that I’ve been working on for far too long. We ran out of corks, but through the generosity of Vicki and Tim I could even make another if I wanted! I also plan on making up some soaps for gifts, making a bulletin board out of the vintage picture frame I got dirt cheap at Southern Thrift, and last but not least: organizing and taking inventory of my craft stuff. It’s hard to know what you need and what you can make if you don’t know what you have. I’m on it!

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Hello world!

Okay, so I just signed up for this blog. Not because I have anything anybody wants to read, but I need a blog in order to comment on *other* blogs. So there you have it. Actually, it would be cool to have this as a kind of diary for myself. Or maybe for Mom to read about our days.

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